Cambridge Commercial Design + Build


Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority Head Office

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) is a federal government authority whose mission is to develop the UAE's performance in the areas of competitiveness and statistics.

We were required to develop a unique space solution by encapsulating elements of cutting-edge technology, incorporating strong UAE development heritage ties, and by creating a ‘story’ behind each space within the working environment.

The layout and use of colours are based on a ‘Feng shui’ compass – which determined which portion of the office would contain attributes of that element of nature. The boardroom for example, contains metallic and neutral tones and has a somewhat masculine stance. The wood element is found in ‘The Tree Trunk’ with forest graphics, a solid, long wooden table and pastel green and brown tones in the furniture. Another notable area is the ‘Modern Majlis’ a re-coloured, modern version of the UAE’s fabric with a polished concrete floor and walls, decorated with draping fabrics from the ceiling.

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