Cambridge Commercial Design + Build


Electrolux, Middle East Head Office

Electrolux is one of the world’s most prominent names in consumer electronics. Following their successful regional growth and the subsequent need for a client showcase area, they contacted us to develop a Design + Build for their Middle East Headquarters located within the DMCC Freezone.

Employee comfort and a psychological approach to the colour palette was incorporated into the various functional spaces. Brand identity would be emulated by the fresh, airy environment and use of natural materials to contrast the metallic and somewhat cold finishes of the displayed Electrolux products.

The design ethos of Electrolux includes integration and functionality. We addressed this ethos through fully customised built-in storage, pantry and display units to ensure a clean and user-friendly work environment. The office flow was enhanced by wide corridors that encapsulate seating sections, display areas, and meeting rooms, which in turn resulted in a vibrant, energetic and social atmosphere.

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