Cambridge Commercial Design + Build


Dubai Future Foundation Head Office, Emirates Towers

Following the success of various initiatives and increase in the headcount of the Future Foundation team, a new Head Office was required to provide a dynamic workspace that reflected the progress of the entity and the Dubai Government, as well as the prestige and diversity of the projects being undertaken.

Neutral, warm, and dynamic, with a touch of ‘future’, the one-floor space needed to encourage collaboration. An informal large pantry/meeting space, various dedicated and hot-desk solutions, and a central, flexible ‘workshop’ area with furniture and technology that would cater for their diverse spectrum of users, groups and projects were also requested.

Large, full-height windows with unobstructed views, framed by a mirrored geometric formation with a complementary reception counter depicts a futuristic inclination. The elevated high ceilings and collaborative seating areas create an inspiring and functional journey around the central corridor and throughout the office space.

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