Cambridge Commercial Design + Build


Dubai Future Accelerators Incubator and Accelerator, Emirates Tower

The Dubai Future Accelerator Programme was designed to address business challenges of all Dubai government entities through investments in workspace economic ecosystems – within the global private sector where businesses can flourish.

We were tasked with designing a versatile interior that would be suited to different types of private sector companies, whilst still providing a flexible space that caters to their needs, reflects their company ethos and values whilst simultaneously fostering a sense of community within the space.

Centered around the common reception area and adjoining auditorium, the space acts like a campus, with each adjacent working space connected to these central common areas. The aesthetic is fresh, biophilic and clean, with a slight industrial undertone to ensure versatility and adaptability. Adorned with graphics and technology to reflect the mission and programme that each entity is undertaking, the workspace truly succeeds in maximising engagement, flexibility and defining the new ‘office environment’.

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